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24 September 2022

  • 09:3709:37, 24 September 2022 diff hist +1,642 N Talk:CP 02906/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "only out of retrospective curiosity" -> "other than out of respective curiosity"? "I thank you infinitely" -> "Thank you very much"? "steam treatments" -> "fumigations" "live with friends" -> "stay with friends" "Clement-Tonnerres" -> "Clermont-Tonnerres" "and so I could benefit" -> "and then I could benefit" "frighten me" -> "terrify me"? "do you not find, does he not find that it is impossible for him to go back" -> "don't you think, and doesn't..." current
  • 08:3608:36, 24 September 2022 diff hist +1,566 N Talk:CP 03862/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "When have I since had so many useful things to write to you" -> "When for so long I have had some very helpful things to write to you"? "brochure" -> "booklet" - see note 3, not a brochure but a booklet of Proust's article. "I am not resigned to" -> "and still not resigned to"? "vanity still larger" -> "is an even greater vanity"? "The certain excuse of this" -> "The positive excuse for this"? "I do not doubt that it is not absurd" -> "I've no doubt..." current
  • 06:5606:56, 24 September 2022 diff hist +1,967 N Talk:CP 03780/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "disheartens" -> include the inverted commas. "I would only want your joy" -> "All I want is for you to be happy"? "You are fixating on language" -> "You are playing with words" or even "You are being semantic"? "Because a publisher, in principle, shares in the duties of printing these books." -> "Because one of the principal duties of a publisher is the printing of his books"? "a director of theatre" -> "a theatre director" "that one can see" -> "im..." current
  • 05:2605:26, 24 September 2022 diff hist +835 N Talk:CP 02924/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "little Bénac" etc. -> suggest "young Bénac" etc.? Does little sound a bit patronizing and inappropriate? "I learned in the latest news" -> maybe stick to the literal "I learned in the last hour"? "so full of value" -> "so full of bravery"? "he wholly decided to commit and go to the trenches" -> "he insisted upon enlisting and going into the trenches" "But the fortune is worth nothing" -> "But money is meaningless"? "You must remind yourself that w..." current

23 September 2022

  • 11:1611:16, 23 September 2022 diff hist +452 N Talk:CP 03065/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "physical and spiritual pain" -> "physical and mental pain"? "I make many wishes for you, that" sounds a bit clunky. Voeux could be prayers or hopes. Maybe something less literal such as "you are much in my thoughts/prayers"? You could replace the "that" with "and"? "carrying the same natural beauties" maybe "laden with..." or "bearing the same..."? "a very Romanian “horresco”" -> ""horresco" is very Romanian"? (Yorktaylors)" current
  • 10:4810:48, 23 September 2022 diff hist +542 N Talk:CP 03098/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "administrator of the North" - this refers to the railway company Chemins de fer du Nord so I wouldn't translate the name of the company. Director is probably better than administrator so "director of the Nord"? "those which were intended for you" should be singular not plural. "this one which was intended for you" (Could he have enclosed the other letter with this one maybe?) "Thousands of affectionate and grateful memories" something less literal woul..." current
  • 10:2610:26, 23 September 2022 diff hist +452 N Talk:CP 03822/enCreated page with "Suggestions... "sign a copy of my books" -> "sign a single copy of my books" "and will surely receive them" -> "and will definitely receive them" "the Countess of Noailles, the Princess of Chimay, the Princess of Polignac, the Countess Greffulhe" As per the Guidelines aristocratic titles should not be translated. So -> "Comtesse de Noailles" etc. Similarly "place at the feet of the Princess" -> "place at the feet of the Princesse" (Yorktaylors)" current

5 July 2022

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