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I misunderstood. So I will send you back the proofs shortly. I say shortly rather than tomorrow, because I still haven’t looked at them, and since Mme Lemarié has kindly taken such pains to bring me them[1], it would be best if I make the most of things by at least making two or three changes even though they are of little importance. Take good care of yourself dear Gaston. I hope that my book which is without any shadow of impatience though without any shadow of pride (it isn’t “patiens quia aeternus!”[2]), will not be a too tiring distraction for you when you are recovered. It is more of a “novel” than the one you know already, and because of that it might perhaps be, I don’t say more “accessible” but more in accord with the tastes manifested by the particular public it hopes to reach, it seems to me. Dear friend, I don’t want to tire you. Please thank Madame Lemarié for me. I am embarrassed and respectfully grateful for the trouble she has taken for me.

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